Sale of Paddle Surf Boards

Do you need a Paddle Surf board but don't know how to choose one?

Have you ever been to the beach and seen people paddle surfing?

You would like to have your own board to enjoy it under the sun and to be able to sail to amazing places, but you don't know how to buy a paddle surf board?

It's easier than it looks!

With our experience we help you to choose the board that best suits your needs. Our experience of more than seven years in the Paddle Surf Ibiza school leads us to advise you on your purchase. So you can go out to sea to paddle with your family or friends and not miss any more sunsets.

Our Paddle Surf boards are made of high quality materials and each model is adapted to different needs. The key is on the inside.


This is the name of the inner material of our inflatable paddle surf boards, which makes it stronger and stiffer, enhancing the outdoor experience.


The rail is where all the layers of the board are joined together. HENALU paddle surfboards contain two layers in the rails to make them as strong as possible. Therefore they are more resistant to possible scratches.

Our collection has different products to meet the needs of people of all levels, whether you are an expert or a beginner. We have also taken care of colourful designs adapted to all tastes, to make it more fun to go paddling.

At Henalu we live for paddle surfing. Buying a paddle surf board with us, whether as a gift or to enjoy with your partner or family, can be very rewarding.

Includes 1 year warranty against factory defects.

Contact us and don't hesitate to buy your board before it sells out!

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