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Our base: 

SUP Yoga Center in IBIZA (Cala Vadella)

8 - 9 june 3 - 4 august 7 - 8 september

SUPCOPA CENTER (Praia de copacabana – posto 6)
10 - 11 february

The course consists of two parts, a DIGITAL one that is carried out from the IOSUP platform, and another PRESENTIAL with Inés Quintana, founder of the SUP Yoga center in Ibiza, a great reference in the world of SUP since 2014. Welcome to the BIMODAL PROGRAM for Teachers of Sup Yoga in which you will live, work and study in an sportive environment accompanied by your teachers.This course will be taught by the SUP Yoga school in Ibiza. The course is for Practitioners and Teachers of YOGA as well as schools specialising in water sports that want to use the correct technique for SUP Yoga.During the course you will learn everything you need to become an expert in SUP Yoga.The course’s program consists of 2 certifications:

SUP Yoga Assistant Teacher – Online Course

This is an online course with 3 fascinating levels that contain theory, photographs, explanatory videos and an exam with 20 questions.

These materials will help you learn the SUP Yoga theory and start connecting with the water.

There are four levels:

Formación profesores SUP Yoga

Webinar with your examinerOnce you finish and pass the online part of the course you will be able to contact your examiner, Inés Quintana, through your campus’ personal profile to request your online meeting with her.

  • In the webinar you will be face to face with your examiner
  • And you will be able to ask her any questions you want as she will be there to answer them all
  • The role of the examiner is to technify, assess and certify your skills
  • Once you have activated your profile on the IOSUP professionals’ map we will send you your certificate

SUP Yoga Profesional Instructor - Face to Face Training

This part of the course will be in person with Inés Quintana from SUP Yoga Ibiza. It is an intensive program of one and a half days (12 hours) to reinforce everything you learned in the online section in the water.

You will learn to prepare classes and manage groups and you will assess how a SUP Yoga school works.

You will learn how to prepare classes and manage groups, and you will analyse how a SUP Yoga school works.

On the last day you must complete a self-assessment test together with your classmates, creating and teaching a SUP Yoga class in the water together.

Presencial SUP yoga Ibiza

What includes?

  • SUP Yoga equipment.
  • Liability insurance.
  • Sending photos and videos taken during the course to each student and group.

Once the training is finished…

You will become part of the IOSUP map, which is the International SUP Organization affiliated with the FES (Spanish Surf Federation), where all SUP schools at a National and International level and professionals from the world of Paddle surfing are registered.

You will be able to access the offer and demand for SUP Yoga employment, as well as you will appear located on the map of graduates of the job bank with your new categorization of SUP YOGA PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTOR.

Train with us and start working this summer!


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Inés Quintana

Formaciones SUP Yoga

Inés Quintana, its founder, is certified as a Hatha Yoga instructor in 2013 at the International School of Yoga, Madrid.

With IOSUP (organization that carries out SUP training programs together with the Spanish Surf Federation), in May 2014, she took the specialization course IOSURF / FESurf instructors Stan Up Paddle Surf 2014, in Altea, Alicante.

And it is in October 2019 when she completes her training in the Himalayan mountain, Rishikesh -India, at the Ashram Himalayan Yoga Association, carrying out 300 hours of training that covers all the advanced teachings of Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow. She thus completes her training of 500 hours approved by Yoga Alliance.

«Do the SUP Yoga Training with me and I will show you how being in contact with the sea can make you feel happier, more calm and will make you connect more with your inner self and with nature»

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